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Saturday, January 23, 2010

NeoLog CE2010.01.23

Welcome to the first of what I hope will be an ongoing series of posts: NeoLogs. As I am sure you are aware, English is a living language. This means that its usage, vocabulary, syntax, etc. are changing everyday. Every year the OED adds several new words to the dictionary, making them 'official.' I for one would rather not wait for a bunch of dusty old British academics to finally decide on a word's ubiquity of use and understanding. Language's primary purpose is after all, to facilitate communication. And thanks to the pervasive MTV/video-game induced ADD of current (and what I can only assume future) generations, the quicker we can absorb new terms and jargon into our vocabulary the better. (You just read that sentence right? You understand it as I intended, correct? It is a mess grammatically speaking according to what we were taught in school. First of all it begins with a conjunction. And more importantly I used 'quicker' instead of the cumbersome yet correct 'more quickly.' There are likely a plethora of additional ways in which I have butchered the English language on this blog that I haven't even noticed. You catch my drift.)

In this series I will proffer new words and/or phrases I think will 'make it' in the future. This is why I chose to name the series NeoLog. It's short for neologism, a fancy word meaning 'new word.' I shortened it and messed with the capitalization because I thought it looked more futurey (of or possessing the quality of a futuristic nature). And there you go our first NeoLog! Joy. I wasn't even intending that. You see? That's how quickly the future happens. Let's see how long it takes those OED guys to catch up to that one.

Also I have written the date in a format which I hope will be used in the future. (See? It's also futurey.)

Since we all love the internet (Biblically speaking) I offer you the first official NeoLog: Web-rash.

Web-rash (n) - the first known and documented STD of the internet. Web-rash is the tenderness and/or chafing of the naughty bits and neighboring regions caused by excessive over-consumption of adult-oriented material on the internet. "Sorry, honey, not tonight. You were gone all weekend and I was off today, and well, I seem to have a touch of the web-rash. I tried putting lotion on it, but that only made it worse."