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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Logo Entry #2 (and 3): Sean O'Keefe (again)

OK, so Sean has a little time on his hands, but he's putting it to good use. Here are two more he did. I'm posting them together as they are a variation on a theme. Did I just hear the dull thud of a gauntlet hitting the ground?

Here's the first:

And a variant:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Logo Entry #1: Sean O'Keefe

And the first entry for the Logo contest:

Sean O'Keefe's -

Nice work, Sean! And thanks for that.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Logo Contest

Like the title says, in honor of the first six months of O'Keefe's Briefs, I am conducting a logo contest. I've been working on tricking out the page bit by bit, and a logo is the next stop on my track to world domination! If the golden arches have taught me anything it's that childhood obesity is a terrible thing, but also that branding is important. So if you are a graphic designer, artist or photographer/shopper I encourage you to make my logo! This will not be a juried competition, nor will it be objective; the one I like, I choose. I will post all entries right here, so everyone can see your work, and of course, standard voting will be enabled just for fun! All work will be credited.

I know design competitions are a cheap way in which companies get free work from already starving artists. That's why I thought it would be a good idea! I promise, however, that I will not hire someone else to rework your idea, if I think it's good and want to use it, I will ask you to make any necessary changes. Also, since I don't make any money from O'Keefe's Briefs, except for voluntary donations (hey, it's worth a try!), you can be sure that I am not unduly gaining from your hard work. I know rights are a tricky thing, and I'm no intellectual property lawyer, so let's say the artist will retain rights to the work, and in his or her divine beneficence has allowed limited use of the work on the website www.okeefesbriefs.com only.

For you pixel counters, we're looking at 730 wide. Height can vary, but let's not get carried away.

You may be wondering what the prize will be (aside from the fame you will no doubt accrue having been bestowed such an honor.) I am still thinking about it, to tell the truth. Let's for the moment say dinner on me. Not fast food certainly, but don't expect white tablecloths either.

Also, because I'm a fickle hypocrite, I may just decide to use them all, and rotate the logos from time to time. If that happens, the reward structure may change depending on the number of 'winners.' I may just contact a bar and have a happy hour for the artists!

Drop me a line if you're interested, have any questions, or just want to send me your design. YOU MISSED THE BOAT.

DEADLINE: 4/1/10