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Saturday, May 8, 2010

NeoLog CE2010.05.08

It's time once again for our favorite futurey feature, the NeoLog. I'd like to thank our friend Jenn Hughs for reminding me to post this one via her recent Facebook status update about losing two years of photos thanks to a mandatory software update. So without further ado (or lube) I give you...

iBone (n) - The phallus of Apple Computers.

As in:
Gawdz! Jobs slipped me the old iBone again! My computer crashed, and now I have to download a third party program to get all of my music and playlists back off of my iPod. Why didn't they make this revolutionary external storage device capable of two-way read/write?

iBoned, an iBoning

You know you liked it.

Post your iBone stories in the comments section! You are not alone, I assure you.

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