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Monday, October 18, 2010

NeoLog CE2010.10.18

When I ran the idea for this new NeoLog past my wife, I asked her if it made sense; whether anyone would want to take the old meat train to tuna town without the guarantee of getting off. She looked at me flatly and said, "It happens all the time," then she walked out of the room.

Great! So without further ado:

Fuckvergnugen - (n) - kind of like a the sensation you feel leading up to a sneeze. To date, most talk about sexual pleasure has revolved around the orgasm. And that's cool n'all, but how do you describe the specific pleasure of hiding the salami? Until now, we've had to rely on the orgasm as the sole motivation to get someone else to bump uglies. I mean, without the promise of the big event what's the point? Let's be honest, fellas, sometimes we just don't have it in us whether the reason be alcohol, rough day, gender, or whatever. (I understand that this does not make the ladies very happy. I'm usually asleep by then, but my source is reliable.) Now you can knock those very sensual boots for the sheer fuckvergnugen of it! Much like the -corporate sponsorship pending- catchphrase of the '90s from which fuckvergnugen derives, sometimes it isn't about the destination, it's about the trip. Enjoy the ride!

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