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Monday, November 8, 2010

Ponderous Notions Touching Upon A Year of O'Keefe's Briefs

When I began writing O'Keefe's Briefs last year, I was fully aware that the blog was a form of publication (for lack of a better word) that was already dead. Blogs are no longer meaningful. I blog, you blog, that guy over there has three blogs. Blog blog bloggity blog blog. Blog.

Yet I persist, and one might wonder why.1 I even went as far as to call blogging masturbatory!2 Then there is the fact that while taking the time to point out that blogs are no longer relevant, I continue to blog (even as we speak!), and this may be construed as hypocritical by some. My Twitter feed to the right is another example of hypocrisy3 on my part. It would appear that my hypocrisy knows no bounds!

I continue to wonder what a blog is, in general, and what O'Keefe's Briefs is, specifically. I'm sure there are plenty of people who log on, bang out a post, and go on with their lives as if it were all just a sweet electronic dream. Perhaps I'm overthinking it, but I like to know what it is I'm doing (and hopefully why). I don't, after all, want to waste my time, and to a lesser extent waste yours.

Recently, I was reading a blog from the New York Times website, and it occurred to me that what I was reading was not, in fact, a blog at all, but a feature article. A fine piece of Op-Ed journalism. It begs the question then, what the hell is a blog? What does that mean anymore, if anything (and further, if it ever meant anything at all in the first place).

I write scatological, satirical, and hopefully, humorous essays, but does that really constitute a web log? This is not my personal journal per se. Often, I have deliberately avoided using the first person in any type of non-fictive sense. So is O'Keefe's Briefs actually a web zine? Sure, I put some work into the design of the site as any publisher should, and is not a blog essentially a self-published periodical after all? I tweaked the template here and there, got my brother to design a handsome logo to stick up top, and went through the trouble of matching the color schemes. What is the point other than branding? At least I now have something to sell other than myself.

I began this project with a post exploring what O'Keefe's Briefs would be. What form it would take. Over the last year, I've certainly refined some of my ideas and developed a few recurring features: Top Ten lists, NeoLogs, and more recently photoshops. We can all look forward to more of the same to come, and hopefully some further refinements.

With an O'Keefeling on the way, I am a bit worried that this will slowly morph into a parenting blog (what not to do). On the other hand, babies make a lot of poop, and poop is funny. So I guess we'll see. There must be middle ground somewhere.

So, again, no matter what brought you here, I hope you've enjoyed reading some of this nonsense as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

Looking forward to another year,4


Coming Soon: The 2010 Kwahanzaakahmas Calendar

1 - Uh-oh. Here I go navel-gazing again. You can probably skip down a paragraph or two, but then you might miss all of the sex and violence. It's up to you, really. Hey! Where did all that blue lint come from? I don't remember being in the dryer.
2 - See, I told you there's be sex if you just stuck with it. Probably not what you were looking for, but now that I think about it, I do like masturbating. A lot. On the bright side, my optometrist's kids can go to private school.
3 - In Defense of Hypocrisy: With the mid-term elections recently passed, and the varying ideologies still battling for supremacy, which sounds far more interesting and epic than it is, there tends to be a lot of name calling. A recent favorite in political circles is flip-flopping. Assuming they mean changing one's mind rather than loudly sauntering about in beachy footwear, I am finding it difficult to understand how this is necessarily a bad thing. Is it an insinuation that the object of the name-calling is lying? Or merely inconstant? Can it not also be an indication of humility? A willingness to weigh new or previously unknown factors to arrive at a new more well-informed opinion? I would rather support someone who is using all available data to constantly refine his or her viewpoint than someone that has it all figured out already. I find that suspect. Even the Pope admitted, eventually, that Galileo was correct.
4 - Some of you more mathematically inclined nit-pickers may notice that it has actually been fifteen months, not just one year. To this I say: Phooey! Count yourself lucky if I don't write another blog like this for another fifteen months.

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