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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Free E-Book

Have you ever thought, "Hey! I love Don's crazy blog, but I wish I could have it all in one place, portable and weightless at the same time?" Well, who hasn't honestly?

Look to the right, just below the Frodo Lives T-Shirt you've totally been meaning to buy.

Yes, today is your lucky day. There it is: O'Keefe's Briefs Year One*. Click the cover image to download it, and it's yours. It's that easy.

You are very welcome.

*It's an .epub so it won't work on a Kindle. If I have time I'll look into that. Also I'm pretty sure I boned the coding for the cover, but the words are all good. I know it works in Stanza, Adobe Digital Editions, and on a Nook. If you have and use a different device let me know if it's working.

Year Two will be out sometime this fall.

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