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Monday, July 23, 2012

NeoLog CE2012.07.23

And we’re back with a new entry! This one is actually a secondary definition as the primary, generally known meaning is a genre of music. So, continuing with my meditations on geekiness:

nerdcore - (n.) - Located in the center of the chest cavity slightly below the cockles it is one of the sub-cockles; it tingles when excited. Luckily this excitement is not publicly visible beyond perhaps a slight dilation of the pupils and flushing of the face. (I really don’t want to discuss that other kind and the gym class incident right now.)

e.g. - I just saw a trailer for the new Superman movie and now my nerdcore is tingling; or someone just mentioned polyhedral dice on my facebook timeline; my nerdcore is all hot and bothered at the prospect of a game actually happening soon.


  1. A friend once told me that he very much desired to one day play DnD on one of those tabletop touchscreen computers.

  2. Interesting idea... probably great for maps; goodbye graph paper! It does start to blur the line between video gaming and table top gaming (NTTAWWT). Thanks, Emily. I may think about this more, and write a new blog!