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Thursday, December 19, 2013

2013 Kwahanzaakahmas Calendar

It's beginning to smell a lot like Kwahanzaakahmas...

Fine! The carols need work. What's Kwahanzaakahmas you ask? Lay your world-weary eyes on this fine bit of lore: HERE, and then go HERE to learn about each day's activities. (tl;dr: drink and eat lots because it's cold outside. We also have platypodes.)

Friday, December 20: Twenny

Saturday, December 21:  Yule 

Sunday, December 22: Feast of the San Dimas
(Saints @ Panthers 1:00pm ET)

Monday, December 23: Festivus

Tuesday, December 24: Christmas Eve

Wednesday, December 25: Christmas Day

Thursday, December 26: Boxing Day

Friday, December 27:  Feast of the Immaculate Concession

Saturday, December 28: Langeaufwiedersehenssagennacht

Sunday, December 29: Ante Penultima Nocta

Monday, December 30: Hogmanay Eve

Tuesday, December 31: New Year's Eve

I'm open to suggestions as to how to work Krampus into our traditions. "Augh! I ate too much! Now I have a Krampus!" On one hand, a beastman snatching small, naughty children in the night is pretty much diametrically opposed to the spirit of Kwahanzaakahmas; however, on the other hand it's pretty bad ass. Also, every good holiday tradition needs it's dramatic foil: the abominable snowman, the winter warlock, fruitcake.

I promise I'll be better about posting this year. Probably