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Friday, November 20, 2015

Nocturnal Omissions

It was the shortest brunch menu I had ever seen. There were something like five main course options and omelets. A lot of omelets. The main courses didn't make much sense either. The point is, though I could read the menu.

I know you're impressed, but the thing is, this was in a dream. Common 'wisdom' states that you can't read in your dreams, but that's not true for me. In fact that's when I'm most lucidly dreaming. When I'm reading. It gets meta for me. I'm at once reading something, and also thinking "I thought you weren't supposed to be able to read in your dreams." It kinda breaks immersion for me. On the bright side, there aren't too many nightmares or sex dreams that also involve reading.

On more thought on dreaming. OK perhaps two. I don't often remember my dreams. They are so ephemeral, wisps of smoke. When I awake I am perhaps only aware that I had had a dream, and a brief impression of it. Then it's gone. The effect is most powerful when my alarm pulls me from the middle of a dream. And that usually portends a rough day. I wonder why that is, when you awake in the middle of the dream, are you so tired for the rest of the day - out of step? Or maybe it's just me.

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