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Friday, November 27, 2015

Sentimental Fool That I Am

Like autumn leaves in a gale, I send my words out into the future. Forgive me, I'm feeling a little sappy. I'll get over it.

So the other day I set up an email for my daughter. I haven't told her yet, she can't read any way so I doubt she will care much. Now when the mood strikes I can send her an email. Maybe some random thought I wanted to share. Something I know she is too young for now, but I will likely forget. Like I said. I'm feeling a little sappy. But I look around at the world we live in and hope that it isn't actually getting worse, but I am merely more aware. I hope she is as ignorant of how shitty people are to one another as I was (until far later in my life than I care to admit.)

There you have it. I made an email for my daughter so I can send her thoughts and advice as I feel fit. I'll give her the address and password when she's older, so she can read all of the words I've sent to her over the years, and perhaps she can figure out how goddamned much I lover her.  Listen, the world needs a little bit of sappiness from time to time. Besides, maybe I can spin this into a career as a Mommy-blogger, but like a dad. So yeah, a Daddy-blogger.

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