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Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Future Was Now

So here's the dichotomy.

1) More terror attacks. Social media is bathed in Red, White, and Blue; or rather Rouge,Blanc, et Bleue in this case. And everyone screaming "but what about Beirut? Why is no one talking about Beirut." Two questions please. First, if no one is mentioning Beirut, how do you know to whine about it? And two, are you really surprised that Western media is focusing its reporting on an attack in the West?

2) My cardboard VR viewer arrived today. With only this flimsy, $10 cardboard viewer and a free app from the Play Store, the paradigm has shifted. I don't know what tomorrow may bring, but it's here. The future is arrived.

I watch my daughter walk around the room (into the couch and then try to climb it) with the viewer pressed to her face. I read my social media and wonder at the blood-lust, the misplaced blame, and what is sure to be the ugly ramifications of same. And I wonder: What kind of a world is this? We are sliding in to a future I believe no Science Fiction has yet predicted.

The utopian and distopian side by side. The Janus-faced present.

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